I have a great appreciation for the work that ISTS does based on my experience in higher education. Prior to joining the ISTS team in 2021 in the newly created position of Business Intelligence Analyst, I worked for 18 years at a small university in East Tennessee. I was excited to get started in this new role because I have witnessed firsthand the impact that scholarship and tuition assistance/tuition reimbursement programs can have on the lives of students and their families. For many, these programs are the only way they can afford school.

In my role at ISTS, I focus on reporting, primarily for specific clients. I work to improve the reporting posture for those clients and to provide them with timely and accurate information about the participants in their programs. Additionally, I collaborate with clients to identify trends and to track year-over-year results as they look for meaningful ways to improve and to expand opportunities for their students and employees.

Additionally, I have been very fortunate to work with a very strong and dedicated team at ISTS. Everyone here is focused on providing outstanding client service and the best experience possible for the applicants and students served by the educational assistance programs. I’ve learned a lot over the past year and have worked with interesting technology, and I look forward to learning more and improving my skillset every day. However, one of the things that I know for certain is how important our work is to students enrolled in colleges and universities across the country.