Educated employees increase company value.

Educated employees — who aren’t worried about school expenses — increase a company’s value through improved job performance. Plus, a tuition reimbursement benefit boosts employee retention. Whether your company pays up-front for tuition assistance or reimburses employees after they complete courses, we create programs that enable employees to take full advantage of your education assistance benefits.

How It Works

With ISTS, you get the whole ball of wax on employer tuition reimbursement program management.

We leverage both personal service and secure, proprietary technology to deliver a tuition reimbursement management system that maximizes the effectiveness of your program. Our services for managing employer tuition programs include:

Dedicated Program Success Team

Our team of experts optimizes and executes your tuition reimbursement program. They keep up with industry trends to provide valuable insights and recommendations, and look for every opportunity to go above and beyond to delight our clients.

Customized Program Design & Implementation

We collaborate with each employer to develop a personalized tuition reimbursement program, defining qualifications and optimizing the application process. We produce informational materials to boost awareness about your tuition benefit across your workforce.

Comprehensive Program Management

Our full-service approach covers all aspects of program administration, including verifying employee eligibility, ensuring requirements have been satisfied, disbursing payments, and reporting on program metrics.

Employee Experience & Support

We are invested in providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for your employees through user-friendly technology, individualized assistance, and targeted communication. Our team offers support throughout the entire request, approval, and payment process.

We’ve thought of everything when it comes to tuition reimbursement programs.

We help clients from conception to impact with employee tuition reimbursement services that include:

  • Dedicated Program Coordinator
  • Policy review and best practice recommendations
  • Custom user experience design
  • Online application with automated manager approval
  • Demographic and payroll data feeds
  • Application and document validation and processing
  • Client reporting
  • Status notifications and reminders throughout the process
  • Payment calculation and cap management
  • Multichannel program support for employees

But wait, there’s more!

At ISTS, we are dedicated to constantly improving. We are always looking to expand our knowledge and push ourselves to achieve more. In addition to our comprehensive services, we give companies special opportunities to level up their tuition reimbursement programs.

Academic, Career & Financial Success

Enhance your tuition benefit with wraparound services and resources like career development, education success coaching and student loan counseling provided by our trusted partners.

Business Intelligence

Take a look under the hood. Our in-house Business Intelligence (BI) team can generate enhanced reporting and metrics or lead consultation sessions to spark deeper insights into your program’s performance to guide decision making.

Translations & Multilingual Support

Open your program to a broader employee audience by offering a multilingual application experience. We can facilitate translation and support beyond our standard languages of English, French, and Spanish.

What our clients love about working with ISTS:

Get the most out of your tuition reimbursement program.

It’s our pleasure to help organizations like yours empower employees through education. Reach out to learn more about how we can partner.