Giving out money to help people with education? We’re in!

The gift of education is the most meaningful gift there is. At ISTS, we know all there is to know about educational assistance program management. For any kind of scholarship, grant, fellowship, student loan repayment, tuition reimbursement or childcare reimbursement program, we can make your educational assistance benefits easier to manage.

Scholarship Management

We manage the entire scholarship process for a wide variety of organizations. From program setup and design to applicant evaluation, selection, award acceptance and funds disbursement – we do it all.

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Tuition Reimbursement Management

Employers rely on us to administer tuition assistance and reimbursement programs, benefits that aid in recruiting and retaining quality employees.

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Student Loan Repayment Management

We help companies develop and launch impactful student loan repayment programs, increasing their appeal to the Millennial and Gen Z workforce.

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Childcare Reimbursement Management

Our comprehensive childcare reimbursement solution streamlines HR processes and makes it easy for employers to ease the burden of childcare expenses for employees.

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Grant and Fellowship Management

With a suite of services, from application design to award disbursement, we’re a great fit for organizations seeking a trustworthy firm to manage a grant or fellowship.

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We can make your educational assistance program fun, easy and impactful!

Every day, we help organizations like yours make the most of their philanthropy and employee benefits with our educational assistance program management services. Reach out to learn more about how we can partner.

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