Offering a scholarship or tuition assistance program is a wonderful way for an organization to support their employees, members or the general public – but it can also introduce some unique challenges and situations when it comes to the day-to-day administration of the program. Keep reading to find out how ISTS helps the sponsors of educational assistance programs manage five common Program Scaries:

We Need Applicants!

ISTS offers a range of promotional tools and services to help clients meet their objectives, such as increased awareness of their programs and higher application numbers. These tools and services include collateral development, e-mail outreach, social media campaigns, scholarship listings and more.

The Application Process is Complicated!

Applicant Information Manager (AIM) – our online application system – makes it easy for applicants to complete the application process. From any device, they can start, submit or edit their application, track their status and upload required materials. For easy navigation, AIM features tabbed browsing and data is automatically saved when an applicant leaves a specific page.

Our Applicants Have So Many Questions!

We have the answers! Our Program Support Representatives are trained on each client’s program and assists applicants and other participants via e-mail, call-back telephone service and live chat – in English, French and Spanish – Monday-Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday 9am-6pm Central Time. An online contact form and Self-Help Portal are also accessible 24/7.

Award Displacement Means Our Winners Don’t Get the Full Benefit of their Award!

ISTS’ Program Success team provides each client with guidance on issues that may impact their program, including award displacement. We recommend drafting a scholarship policy with flexibility around deferrals and covered expenses and encourage recipients to review their institutions’ external scholarship policies before making an enrollment decision.

School is Still So Expensive!

ISTS partners with 75+ colleges, universities and respected learning resources to provide high quality degree and non-degree programs at discounted rates. These educational discounts and other negotiated benefits – such as academic advising – are available to participants of programs we manage for no additional cost.


We love collaborating with clients to identify areas of opportunity and implement creative solutions that increase program success. Send us a message to get started!