As VP of Operations, I work closely with the Executive Leadership Team and Operations Leaders to ensure we meet the desired goal of our clients through flawless execution, enhancing our relationships and driving simplicity through innovation.  The Operations team consist of Design & Implementation, Project Management, Day to Day Program Management and Program Support.

In addition to leading my team, I work with all the departments in the organization to build cross alignment for ISTS to assist both short-term and long-term growth. As I lead this team, my goal is to create an environment that drives quality performance by setting high expectations for myself and working diligently to achieve them. Many people are not used to working in a place where excellence is expected!

My vision is to ensure standard operational processes are defined and executed by all employees consistently to build lasting relationships with our clients. We will accomplish this by focusing on exceptional communication that is timely, concise and exceed the internal and external expectations. I am determined to build a high-performance team to support our company’s core values. This action will support a more behavior-based environment. In order to measure my success, I must reflect daily to celebrate the small steps of progress through critical thinking.

The best piece of advice I received from a mentor was to “Hire and build a great team”. The greatest people are self-managed; what they require is a common vision and they will figure out what to do. The definition of leadership: having a vision and being able to articulate it so that the team around you understands it. It does not make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. Surround yourself with people where you learn from other each other daily.

As I think about the impact of my work with ISTS so far, it makes me proud to witness the current outcomes. Several initiatives have been completed inclusive of a department restructure to support my vision and employee development. My team and I will continue to hold each other accountable by creating challenges, being resilient, taking ownership and continuous learning.