I joined the team in 2017 as a part-time processor and was immediately drawn to the diversity and complexity of this industry. My background is in hospitality, which instilled values of pride and compassion that I depend upon every day in service to our partners, our applicants, and to the growth of our company.

Since becoming part of ISTS, I have had the opportunity to support every type of educational assistance solution we offer. The common thread of my work has been a commitment to accuracy as put into practice through application review, quality control, and escalation management in scholarship, tuition reimbursement and loan repayment programs.

As this commitment has remained constant, my focus at ISTS has evolved. I have been entrusted with more responsibilities, moving from part-time processor to full-time Program Support Specialist to my current position as Program Support Supervisor. My priority today is to ensure that each member of our support team can live up to the same values that have brought us our greatest successes in the past.

Currently, my days are devoted to the internal and external ground-level workings of our company. I train and guide employees to commit to excellent service, ensure accuracy in our application review processes, and assist in determining needs and opportunities for many of our new clients. In my work with the implementation team, my role is to provide a seamless transition into our program support services with the ultimate goal of building trust and establishing a fun and easy environment for students as they make their journey through higher education.

I believe integrity and transparency are key to growth. This was my experience in the hospitality industry, and it is doubly important for our audience, who depend upon us as they navigate the turbulence and the opportunities that go hand-in-hand in higher education. I feel fortunate to work for a company that shares this perspective, and I am excited to play a part in the continuing success of our mission.