I joined the ISTS team in 2021 as a Program Manager and was excited to see how our work can have a positive impact on the lives of students.

Prior to joining ISTS, I spent many years in the insurance industry which taught me the importance of treating people with understanding, compassion and respect. These lessons definitely translate to my current role and I see how educational assistance programs can open up opportunities that can change lives.

My work as a Program Administrator focuses on ensuring successful scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs. I partner with clients to build a program that meets their organization’s goals and runs smoothly from start to finish. I’m motivated by the desire to build long-lasting partnerships and provide an exceptional client experience. Listening to the needs of others and helping in every way I can is a commitment I take seriously and enjoy.

The core values that our entire company lives by are exciting and refreshing in a work environment. The support that I receive from my teammates to help make our programs successful is exceptional. As I continue my journey with ISTS, I look forward to expanding my knowledge in the industry and applying what I learn to help our clients create and enhance their educational assistance programs.