I joined the company in 2022, excited to work in a field that was making higher education more accessible. College and graduate school changed my life, and they would not have been possible without scholarships and tuition assistance that I now get to help our partners provide.

Prior to coming to ISTS, I was a graduate student, high school teacher, and senior college application coach. My former work with students going through the college application process helps me approach my role at ISTS with compassion and understanding, knowing what a nerve-wracking process it can be for applicants.

As a Program Coordinator, I focus on ensuring that scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs run smoothly and efficiently. I collaborate closely with clients to build and run programs that align with their core values and program goals. I approach every client relationship with the objective of making the application experience fun and easy.

I believe in the power of higher education to not only further our careers, but to make us better people. It is this belief that also fuels my passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – especially in the scholarship provider field – which I have written about for industry partners like the National Scholarship Providers Association (Guest Blog: Key Principles for DEI Scholarship Programs). It is a joy to work alongside colleagues who are equally enthusiastic about and committed to the journey to higher education.