Prior to working at ISTS, I spent many years working in the banking sector, which led me to appreciate the value of investments. Joining this team has given me the opportunity to express my passion for education equality and my unwavering commitment to building strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

I understand that trust is the foundation of every partnership and I prioritize understanding unique needs and delivering tailored solutions for each of my clients. By approaching each interaction with empathy and integrity, I ensure transparency and effective communication with client contacts and fellow employees. This dedication not only strengthens our existing partnerships but also opens doors to new opportunities, driving our organization forward.

Through my dedication to education and client relationships, I aim to embody our company’s Core Values in everything I do. I am honored to contribute beyond my role, leaving a lasting impact on our team and clients alike. I am inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead, knowing that passion and purpose can transform how we work and serve our clients. I am fortunate to have a job that I truly love and look forward to all the good we can continue to bring into the world!