I am motivated by the idea that deep understanding can lead to creativity, risk-taking, and boldness in the pursuit of new opportunities. Every moment we affirm our role as the experts of our industry, there is an implied question: what else can we accomplish? We’ve begun to view the development of our standards and the acquisition of knowledge to be less a support system for our business than an increase in our momentum, and it energizes me to think about where that momentum might take us.

As Business Analyst I am entrusted to work with team members and leaders across our organization to help collect business knowledge, insight, and outlooks for innovation and growth. My goal is to ensure we benefit from the experience of all divisions and individual contributors. We are privileged to learn from our support agents and specialists, our managers, our designers and developers, our marketers and salespeople, and our clients and program participants. When collaborating with our client partners, my role is to listen and seek a deep understanding of need, then to propose a solution based on the wealth of our team’s experience.

Reporting to the EVP of Operations, I work most closely with our Principal Consultant during implementation. I participate in discovery, consultation, and requirements elicitation interviews. Using our findings, we prepare formal business requirements documentation, including workflows, use cases, and risk management plans. These materials serve as guidance for the successful design, development, and management of a program.

My background is in language and literature, where it is a commonplace that clear communication is critical and often difficult. My business experience has equipped me with a sense that success depends on strong processes, but that processes can be incompatible with the abstract, and that many things are abstract. As we have continued to pursue growth, we have increased our focus on the need for clarity, simplicity and transparency, and I am fortunate to work at the crossroads of service and technology, where these concepts are fundamental to successful partnership.